What are chalazions and styes?  

Chalazions and styes are growths on the eyelids that vary widely in size. These growths are typically benign, but can potentially represent something more serious, such as skin cancer. Skin lesions, even if benign, may become irritated or, if large enough, can affect lid function or block vision. It is important to have your ophthalmologist examine all eyelid lesions to determine if biopsy or excision is appropriate. Many lesions can be removed with a simple procedure in the office. Usually the specimen will be sent to a lab for analysis. Local anesthesia is used during the procedure and patients can usually return to work the same day. Dr. Fishman is thoroughly experienced in the treatment and removal of eyelid lesions.

What is involved if surgical removal is recommended? 

If Dr. Fishman has determined that surgical removal is the best way to proceed, he can do the procedure in office in about half an hour. It is a very minor procedure and patients are often able to drive themselves home, however it is always recommended you have someone drive you afterwards as often you need to keep your eye covered with an ice pack. 

Depending on the size and placement of the growth Dr. Fishman may inject you with a small amount of local anesthetic. He will then typically make a small incision and remove the material inside the growth. This material may or may not be sent to a lab for analysis. 

Post operative care

Your post op care will be determined largely by the size and location of the growths, and weather or not they are considered suspect for cancers or other possibly serious conditions. In most cases very little post operative care is needed, typically only an antibiotic ointment is applied for a few days following the procedure.