Dr. Fishman has dedicated his research and clinical practice to working with patients with mild-to-severe dry eye disease. Dr. Fishman offers both in-office and video consultations on managing dry eye disease. 

What many don't realize about dry eyes is that it is a disease and can stay with you for years to decades, slowly impinging on your life. Moreover, dry eyes can be a sign of other diseases including autoimmune disease, endocrine disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders.  For some patients, severe dry eye disease is part of a pain syndrome that involves more than just the eye.  As such, Dr. Fishman performs a holistic evaluation and treats dry eye disease using not only classic dry eye therapies, but also therapies "borrowed" from Neurology, Otolaryngology and Dermatology.   

Dr. Fishman has a special interest in treating the ongoing symptoms of dry eye and is running 2 clinical trials involving dry eye disease.  One investigation involves light sensitivity and photophobia and the other clinical trial deals with a novel method to measure gene expression in dry eye patients. 

Dry eye disease is often multifactorial and demands a highly individualized approach.  Dr. Fishman will spend a tremendous amount of time to work with you to individualize a treatment plan including in-office solutions for lasting comfort.   If you are a sufferer of dry eye, make a consultation appointment with Dr. Fishman and ask him which treatments are right for you. 

  • In-depth analysis of your diet, blood work, and gut micro-biome. 

  • Start with the basics:  Omega-3 FA supplementation (speak to your doctor before starting any oral medicines).  

  • Miboflow followed by Manual Eyelid Expression - An in office treatment that gives a penetrating heat treatment to the glands in the eyelids.

  • Prokera Amniotic Membrane - a healing membrane placed directly on the eye for several days to facilitate intensive healing of hard to treat conditions.

  • Demodex Imaging - An eyelash removed and observed microscopically in office to determine if you have an overgrowth of demodex contributing to dry eye.

  • A Tea Tree lid cleanser that rids eyelids of demodex overgrowth.

  • Punctal Plugs - Small plugs placed in the tear drainage ducts of the eye to prevent the loss of tears.

  • Xiidra and Restasis - Prescription eye drops.

  • Scleral Contact Lenses - A large contact lens that is placed on the eye while filled with saline, keeping the eye moist at all times. Often the last line of defense for crippling dry eye.