Many of our patients are interested in growing longer eyelashes. LATISSE is the first  FDA approved prescription treatment for Hypotrichosis (thin and sparse eyelashes). With LATISSE, new, longer, thicker and more beautiful lashes will frame your eyes. Dr. Fishman has over ten years of experience prescribing bimatoprost, the active incredient in Latisse. While many patients do well with Latisse, it is important to have an experience ophthalmologist to ascertain if you would be a good candidate. 

LATISSE is easy to use and clinically proven to yield outstanding results. Its unique and active ingredient, bimatoprost, increases the number of lash hairs while extending duration of the growth phase to produce thicker and longer lashes. Researched and developed by Allergan, Inc., a pharmaceutical leader in prescription eye care products, LATISSE is applied topically to the base of the upper eyelid just once a day for remarkable results in a matter of weeks.

For your convenience, we stock LATISSE in office, and you can take it home the same day as your consultation.