Of the many wonderful posters at ARVO 2017 that I read on dry eye disease, I found these to be particularly interesting:

1)  Calcitriol Inhibits Dry Eye Related Ocular Surface Inflammation in vivo and in vitro Jing Zhang1,2 , Yiqin Dai1,2 , Dan Wu1 , JianJiang Xu1

2) Prevalence of Compromised Lid Seal in Symptomatic Refractory Dry Eye Patients and Asymptomatic Patients Donald R. Korb2 , Caroline A. Blackie 1, Amy C. Nau2

3) Randomised trial of acupuncture in dry eye found reduction in tear cytokine Louis Tong1,2 , Hla-Myint Htoon2,3 , Aihua Hou2 , U Rajendra Acharya4 , Jen-Hong Tan4 , Qi Ping Wei6 , Pat Lim5