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MobileDx                                                                                   2010 – pres. 

Iphone and mobile app developments for ophthalmology. Developed Eyephotobill for billing external photos on the iphone.


Vuzix                                                                                         2007 – pres.

Ophthalmic Consultant

Clinical investigator and clinical director of development for video enhanced eyewear for patients with low vision. Director of clinical trials.

PowerVision                                                                             2007 – pres.

Surgical Consultant
Consultant for the development of accommodating intraocular lenses. Surgical consultant for implantation and lens development.

Private Practice Ophtamology                                                  2005 –2007
Medical Director of Advanced Diagnostics and Technology
Clinical investigator for the FDA Phase 3 trial of surgical correction of presbyopia using scleral expansion bands; Wavefront spectacle correction of aberrations from epiretinal membranes, macular degeneration and post-op lasik patients; Neurotransmitter based prosthesis for eyelid reanimation.


Stanford University                                                                  2000 -2005

Director of Ophthalmic Tissue Engineering and Retinal Prosthesis Laboratory

Department of Ophthalmology; Development of The Artificial Synapse Chip: A Neural Interface to the Visual System; Prosthetic Electronic Retina for the Treatment of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD); Pigment Epithelial Cell Transplantation Strategies for AMD; Novel Tissue Engineering Strategies using Microfabrication; Use of Microanalytical Chemistry, Microfluidics and Surface Science for the Treatment of AMD.


Stanford University                                                                   1996 - 1997

Post Doctoral Research

Regenerating Retinal Ganglion Cells on a Chip; The Role of Neurotrophic Factors. Dr. Ben Barres

Caliper Technologies                                                                1996 -1997

Laboratory on a Chip: Micromachined Capillary

Electrophoresis (CE) Chip Arrays to Screen for Novel Protease Inhibitors; PCR on a Chip; Microfluidics

Stanford University                                                                   1990 -1995
Dissertation Research
Neurochemical Analysis at the Single-Cell Level Using Capillary Electrophoresis  with Cell-Receptor Biosensors and Laser Detection: Dr. Richard N. Zare, Dr. Richard H. Scheller
Penn State University                                                               1988 - 1990
Undergraduate Honors Thesis
The Effect of Anodic Surface Treatment on the Oxidation of Catechols at Ultrasmall Carbon Ring Electrodes.  
Honors Research with Dr. Andrew G. Ewing

Merck Sharp and Dohme                                                                    1989
Biochemistry Internship
Analysis and Purification of Hepatitis B Vaccine Internship in Biochemical Process R&D with Dr. Gene Wampler
U.S. Department of Agriculture                                                           1987
Summer Research

Biophysical Analysis of Peach Pectin. Research with Dr. Marshall L. Fishman


Bio-X Grant for Artificial Synapse Chip, Stanford University 2000 - 2005
MacKenzie Fellowship in Medicine     1998 - 2000
Medical Scholar’s Research Fellowship, Stanford Medical School 1996
W.R. Grace Pre-doctoral Fellowship in Chemistry 1993 - 1994
Travel Award: International Conference on High Performance CE   1993
National Science Foundation Fellowship, Honorable Mention 1991
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship, Honorable Mention 1991
ONR Fellowship, Honorable Mention 1991
Valedictorian, Department of Chemistry, Penn State University   1990
I.M. Kolthoff Enrichment Award 1990

National ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry


American Microchemical Society Award, National Chemistry Award


Fleming-Meyer Award in Analytical Chemistry                        

Phi Beta Kappa 1989 - 1990
Phi Lambda Upsilon Award for Excellence in Chemistry       1990
Evan Pugh Scholar 1989 - 1990
Phi Kappa Phi 1989
Senate Faculty Scholarship, Academic Excellence(Seniors w/ GPA > 3.96) 1987
President's Freshman Award (Freshman with 4.0 GPA in first term) 1987