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Superfocus Frames





 Superfocus: the revolutionary new glasses that let you choose the perfect focus for every distance from near to far.Seeing clearly everywhere, from up close to infinity, is finally possible.

Wearing Superfocus glasses, with just a simple finger motion on a small slider on the bridge, you can actually go from reading a newspaper to viewing a TV set to scanning a distant vista and your vision is crisp and clear every inch of the way. That’s a major improvement over multifocal glasses that are in focus only at certain fixed distances so your vision between those zones is blurred.

And, with Superfocus, the whole lens is in focus so your entire field of view is sharp, not just a portion as with bifocals or progressive glasses. That means—

  • no distortion, lines or blurriness anywhere in your field of vision. Vision is as good on the edges as it is in the center.
  • being able to read an entire newspaper page without having to fold it or bob your head up and down to find the right part of the lenses. With Superfocus, your whole lens is the right part.
  • greater safety on stairs and curbs where an out-of-focus step can lead to a bad misstep.

You can adjust Superfocus glasses to any distance you want. Whenever you want. Instantly. With Superfocus, you’re in charge.

Superframe Styles

The Superfocus "superframe" contains the focusing mechanism and the focusing lenses. The focusing lenses consist of a thin, top-of-the-line, fully multi-coated rigid element, an incredibly pure optical liquid, and a flexible front membrane. The frame itself is constructed of rugged, laser-welded stainless steel.

Superframe Styles

We now offer two superframe styles.

  • Both were designed for Superfocus by the internationally-known design firm, M-Design.
  • Both have the same focusing mechanism and the same focusing lenses.
  • Both use the same prescription front lenses.
  • Both have the same robust stainless steel construction.
  • The difference is in the finish and the "look."
  • Superfocus Lenses
  • Front Lenses
  • The Superfocus focusing lens is built into the superframe. Your distance vision prescription is contained in the separate removable front lenses.